What does a private shooting lesson provide?

A Basic/Novice lesson

A Basic/novice lesson with us will take a total beginner from holding a shotgun for the first time all the way through to hitting a moving target. To make this happen you will go through a process which will include the following.

A full explanation of what  a shot gun is and how works,  Safe gun handling (whether it be at a clay ground or in the field), Eye Dominance ckeck, Correct gun fit, Stance, Shooting techniques and finally taking the shot.

Advanced Lesson

Your eye dominance (this can change as you get older) and gun fit will be checked (even if you bring your own gun along)
Whether you are a game shooter who wants to sharpen up before the start of a new season, or you are a clay shooter who has trouble with a perticular target, we can help you. We have a high tower which can be used for simulating driven game, or high and fast crossing targets, or we can set up perticular targets that you want to shoot. You are paying for the lesson, so you ley us know what you want to do.