Clay Pigeon Shooting - Venue Requirements

What area is required?

To enable us to organise a clay pigeon shoot at your venue, it must have at least a 300-yard fall out zone. This means that the shot from the cartridge can travel its full distance in the designated direction, with out falling or traveling over a public footpath or other sensitive areas.

Country Clubs, Golf Courses, Country Hotels, and rural based Conference Centres, are some of the ideal sites. Most venues have public footpaths running through or around them, but positioning the shooting stands and selecting the correct targets can often over come any problems. If you are unsure call us and we will send out a qualified ground inspector, to check your venue free of charge, this may help to put your mind at rest.

What about Planning Permission?

Planning permission is only required if you wish to shoot more than 28 days per calendar year. It is always best to see what sort of response you may receive from your neighbours, before applying for an increase, as noise problems may be experienced once people know you have a permanent permission.

What about the legal requirements?

In order for non-shotgun certificate holders to take part in the sport. Cambridge Shooting School will apply to the local firearms department for what is known as an Authority under Section 11(6) Firearms Act 1968. This certificate will be issued to Cambridge Shooting school, after we have accompanied the local Firearms Officer on a ground inspection. We would ask everybody to sign a  declaration that no person, taking part in the activity of clay pigeon shooting has been prohibited from handling a firearm. Any licensed shotgun holder may bring their own gun.


Cambridge Shooting School has its own 5 million pounds public liability insurance policy, of which a copy will be given on request, once the booking has been received.

Health and Safety

Cambridge Shooting school use qualified and experienced Shot Gun Coaches. Our coaches treat clients as individuals, giving each participant methods of hitting a moving target that is appropriate for them. Suitable guns are selected and fitted to clients, low recoil cartridges are used and whilst each person is shooting it will be a 1:1 ratio with a Shot Gun Coach.

All these checks leave little chance of causing discomfort to the client, and leave you with the confidence that they are in the best possible hands.

All safety equipment is supplied such as hearing protection (either ear defenders or earplugs) and  safety glasses.


All the clay targets that are used are all biodegradable and will naturally decompose. Fibre wad cartridges can be used instead of plastic, and all shooting areas are cleared up before we depart.